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5-01336 CHI Scientific 4 x 5mg


GWB-A604C3 GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml

RT (HIV-1)

GWB-614E0A GenWay Biotech 0.1 mg

HIV-1 Ag

GWB-9E89D6 GenWay Biotech 1 mg

RT (HIV-1)

GWB-FC0114 GenWay Biotech 0.1 mg

RT (HIV-1)

GWB-E6CA8B GenWay Biotech 0.5 ml

HIV-1 Nef

05-011 Sceti 50 ug
Description: The HIV-1 Nef is available in Europe and for worldwide shipping via Gentaur.

Polyclonal YY1 polyclonal antibody

APR14018G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal ETO polyclonal antibody

APR00372G Leading Biology 0.05ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal SHH Polyclonal Antibody

APR00434G Leading Biology 0.1mg 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal ETO polyclonal antibody

APR00435G Leading Biology 0.1ml 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal p53 polyclonal antibody

APR00443G Leading Biology 0.05mg 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal G9a polyclonal antibody

APR00448G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal PML polyclonal antibody

AMR09397G Leading Biology 0.05mg 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal SOX4 polyclonal antibody

APR13475G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Our used TESTs in Pubmed.

FSH Test Card

INV-132 Innovation Biotech 4.0mm (strip in a card) 25cards/box 0.26 EUR

Soil Test Kit

K054-1KT EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 62.03 EUR

Soil Test Kit

K054L-1KT EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 109.52 EUR

H.Pylori Ab test

04FK10 Abbott 30 tests/kit 71.5 EUR

H.Pylori Ag test

04FK20 Abbott 100 tests/kit 71.5 EUR

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