Long Tandem Arrays of Cassandra Retroelements and Their Role in Genome Dynamics in Plants.

Retrotransposable element widely distributed and diverse in eukaryotes. the number of copies they rise through the reverse-transcription-mediated propagation, while they can be lost through the process of recombination, resulting in rearrangements of the genome. We previously identified groups of structurally uniform comprehensive retrotransposon where no member containing the gag, pol, or internal domain ENV.

Due to lack of protein-coding capacity, these groups are non-autonomous replication, even if the transcriptionally active. The Cassandra elements included in the non-autonomous group called terminal-repeat retrotransposons in miniature (TRIM). This brings 5S RNA sequence with conserved RNA polymerase (pol) III promoter and terminator in the long terminal repeat (ltrs). Here, we identified several extended tandem array of retrotransposon Cassandra in different plant species, including ferns.

At least 12 copies ltrs repeated (as a tandem unit) and an internal domain which (as a spacer), gives a pattern that resembles a cell 5S rRNA genes, were identified. Cytogenetic analysis revealed a specific chromosomal pattern of retrotransposon Cassandra with leading grouping in and around 5S rDNA locus.

Secondary structures of RNA retroelement Cassandra is expected to form a super-loop, in which two ltrs complement each other and can start a local recombination, which leads to a tandem array element Cassandra. The structure preserved for Cassandra retroelements array of different species. We speculate that recombination events is similar to 5S rRNA genes may explain the wide variation in the number of copies of Cassandra. Likewise, organizations 5S rRNA gene sequence is highly variable in flowering plants; part of what is taken for 5S variations in gene copy may be variations in the amount of Cassandra. The role of the remains of Cassandra 5S order to be established.

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